I can't find the "no ads" button?
You can find it at the score field.

Is seven the highest number?
Yes! It is! There are only 23 cells. A string of 8 cells is the longest possible string. More cells will be too difficult for quick head count and you need too much number 1's.

Is Queenbee a multiplayer?
It was..... August 2018 we went back to singleplayer.

The "no ads" button shows a price of € 2,99, Appstore says € 3,99
Sorry, that's an old version of the button in Queenbee. € 3,99 is correct.

How can I restore purchase
Use the "no ads" button. Apple remembers you bought already.
Don't use the "restore purchase" button please. It is not working! If you did, please delete the app and reinstall it.

When is Android coming?
Ehhhh, you can download it! But still beta. And is the old multiplayer, server not working anymore, so don't make an account or log in, just play the game. It is working on HTC. Other devices can have bugs. There are too many Android devices :-(. Working on it.

Other question?
You're welcome to comment.......

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